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    Default Re: The Dancing Fox Inn XXX: No, Not That Triple X

    For the purposes of fitting it all into my sig, I give you, The Best of the Dancing Fox Inn!

    I dream of a town:

    Where Lupy gets everything said in one post.
    Where Beholder learns to use parentheses.
    Where FireFox commits no acts of violence.
    Where people can worship gods and not internet memes.
    Where Lerky lets one of his characters get hit by anything.
    Where Leigh shows up for a barfight.
    Where Quinsar plays a normal, boring character.
    Where Doran actually gets payed.
    And where Mee realises that Al Gore, not the fourth wall, killed his parents.

    --Lupy and Firefox

    When Billy Joel went to the Dancing Fox Inn:

    "It’s 9 O’clock on a Saturday,
    And the regular crowd shuffles in.
    There’s a cleric sitting next to me
    Preaching about the danger of Sin..

    Yeah, we all call him the Archbishop Loopy,
    And he worships a volatile fire God.
    Well he failed the eighth grade, and he needs to get laid—
    Lupy’s as fun as a dirt clod.

    La la la, de de da
    La la, de de da da da.

    Now Renn at the bar is eyeing a girl,
    He gets her drinks for free
    And he’s over forty, but I say good Lord, he
    Is knocking up young girls half his age.

    Over there, in a fit of sadistic rage,
    Kelindale is breaking the fourth wall
    And in the corner, self-righteous Beholder
    Is on his High Horse, riding tall.

    Oh, la la la, de de da
    La la, de de de da da

    Now Quin is an immature lunatic
    Half his posts seem like he is high
    And he is perverted as well, but oh what the hell
    Yeah, he really is a great guy.

    And the waitress, named Leigh, sleeps through everything,
    She misses the Characters get pwned.
    While the Players share a drink they call Loneliness
    But it’s better than drinking alone.

    We are one big dysfunctional family
    But we still can make each other smile.
    When we are feeling down, we all come to the Town
    To forget about life for a while.
    And half of us guys are just teenaged losers
    And against our families we rage
    And we all like to say, “We will meet up some day”
    But we’ll have to wait ‘til we’re of age."


    The Dancing Fox

    At an inn,
    In a town,
    With a magic shop,
    Hangs a sign,
    In the shape,
    Of a Dancing Fox.

    At a bar,
    In a stool,
    Which is slightly tatty,
    Stands a man,
    With a Sword called,
    The Vauge Katti.

    And the inn,
    With sign,
    Is a magi's den.
    And the barkeep,
    There we call,
    Him Renn.

    In a booth,
    In the back,
    Sits a giant eye,
    And he is,
    the Baron of a,
    Manor nearby.

    In the corner,
    In the back,
    Where it is,
    Quite dark,
    Umbris sits,
    His eyes Alert.

    And his charge,
    In a mitre somewhat droopy,
    Exarch and,

    And behind,
    The bar,
    And not played by Mee,
    Washing down,
    The bar is the,
    Lovely barmaid Leigh.

    And with her shield,
    And countenance,
    Watching Leigh fill,
    Her coffee with guarana,
    Holding Quinsar's Scrawny hand,
    The knight Orianna.

    Her husband,
    Is a little man,
    With magicks to,
    Kill the sun,
    He is the ubermage,

    And on the bar,
    At the end of the room,
    Shouting out,
    "Hey! Hey!"
    Town's comedian,

    And at the booth,
    In the corner west,
    A babe and her,
    Hannah and the warrior,

    And on the bishop's,
    Shoulder is a bird,
    Sitting there in feath'ry,
    The mighty Keeper,

    The child god,
    Up near the stage,
    Her sister did,
    Her hair up pretty,
    Our favorite diety,
    Young Civvi!

    And near the,
    Bishop at the bar,
    Playing with a,
    The Ignan Acolyte,
    Leigh's young Mark!

    She's undead,
    Her hair's red,
    Still acts much like she used to,
    Who is this
    It's our own Vocusta.

    With her hair
    And her skin so pale,
    She's a kind
    And she's Abigale.

    Nicest demons
    You'll meet,
    They're not fond of havok
    Yes, it's
    Young Maria
    And her father Ravik.

    Laser beams,
    Giving physics a twist,
    That'd be
    Chris Wogal,
    The mad scientist.

    At an inn,
    In a town,
    With a magic shop...
    Hangs a sign,
    In the shape,
    Of a Dancing Fox!

    Thanks to the Townies for the best summer ever!


    ((Credit for the last four character verses goes to Beans.))
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