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    Default Re: First time DMing and already killed a character.

    Quote Originally Posted by cnsvnc View Post
    What Good Cat? There's no such thing, cats are Always Chaotic Evil.
    Apparently you never have been companions with a cat. Cats are rather Chaotic, at least compared to the slobbering worship of Dogs. But always Evil? Hardly. Our cat actually saved my mother life once.
    As Good Cat said to the Prophet of Hamwort
    " I Shalt Sit On Your lap, And Maketh Bread Dough, Purring In Perfect Contentment. For Though Thou Are Not Mine Master, We Art Friends. Yea Thou I Be Aloof, And Finicky, And Want To Be Let Out And Back In At All Hours Of The Night, And Hacketh Up Hairballs, And Leave Dead Rodents In Mine wake, We Be Friends. "
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