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And lo, the people were of great fear and torment, and Snuggles did consume them as Tuna and Cream, and the people did call "Where is Good Cat, why doth She turn Her face from us?"
And Good Cat Did hear Her peoples cries, and did cuff Snuggles, Mother Cat unto Snuggles that She be, and did say unto Snuggles
Thou Bad Little Kitten, Thou Should be Smitten,And Thou Wilst Have No Pie
And Good Cat did pick up Snuggles by the scruff of his unholy Neck, and did drag him away, though Snuggles did hiss and scream, Like Bad Kitten that he be.
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What Good Cat? There's no such thing, cats are Always Chaotic Evil.
What can I say, Snuggles does love to play with his food.

Letting the food think that there is a "good cat" to protect them from him when "good cat" is clearly just another manifestation of his divine essence...

The fun stops when the prey gives up.