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    Default Re: First time DMing and already killed a character.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonus45 View Post
    ALL That doeth, doeth in the name of snuggles as he is almighty and awesome in all ways and encompasses all things for all that is awesome and powerful. And all that is win is snuggles' as he holds all win that shall be so that all win is as is he snuggles.

    The book of Fleas 42:42
    "And Lo, Though Snuggles Be Mighty In All Manner Of Catty Ways, And An Elder God and Such, He Hath A Weakness. So That, With Due Luck And Skill, He Shalt Fall, Yea, Even He Who Is Powerful As The Raging Heavens, Shalt Fall. Into Negatives And Unto Death Shalt Snuggles Fall.
    For He That Be Having Stats Can Be Beaten. But She Who Is Without Stats, Can Never Be Overcome. So Don't Messeth With Snuggles Mum,Thou Hearest I?
    The Letter To the People Of Hamwort 3:39
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