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    Default Re: Charity Rejects D&D Money - Let's Write Letters!

    Quote Originally Posted by dish View Post
    Dunno. Maybe there are special secret satanic charities?
    Every 10 seconds, an imp dies from lack of blood of the innocents.

    Every minute, an archdevil gets murdered by passing angels.

    Every hour, a worshipper of Satan gets burnt alive.

    With just 1 pound a month, this could be stopped.

    It takes 23 to feed an imp for the rest of it's life.

    It takes 284 to install the defences necessary to murder said angel.

    It takes 529 to save a worshipper of Satan from the flames, and to give them a chance of a new life.

    We need your donations. If you wish to donate, please call 616-666-616-666
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