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If you don't read Rich's news posts, the late Gary Gygax's favourite charity, Christian Children's Fund has Refused $17,000 raised by GenCon in a charity auction, because some of the money came from the selling of "Always Chaotic Evil" (If I may borrow the term from TVTropes) Dungeons & Dragons merchandise.

That's got me mad, not only because of the narrow-mindedness of the charity about D&D, but that they would refuse legitimately raised funds which would help the people they promise to help, because they disagree with what was sold. I could understand if that money was drug money, or money that was robbed from a bank, but it's not. It's legally raised by people who want to help starving children.

So I thought this thread would be a good place for those of us who want to follow Rich's idea and give them a piece of our mind. We can all write our individual letters here, as well as proof read and fact check other's letters, before sending them on.

How does that look? I'm worried it's a little strong.
I think it looks just fine.

I strongly recommend AGAINST anyone adding bile to their letters. I assume that CCF believes D&D is a work "of the flesh" and showing rage, anger, upset will only serve to confirm them in that belief further.

RMS -- it may be if they are Jack Chick - type believers that they will not consider Catholics Christians either. Yeah, I know. But we can discuss that offline.


Brian P.