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    Default Re: Charity Rejects D&D Money - Let's Write Letters!

    i dont think this organization truly realized what it has gotten itself into. for fun and to show a friend, i googled the story and almost every major gaming forum has not just the story, but The Giants exact article copypasta'd into it. and you can bet your britches that the internet superheroes will have sent hundreds of letters about it by now.

    also, here is something i found that is interesting.... a video on youtube added in august in which the speech given by the big G.G.'s son talked about the charity change. why did it only come out of the dark now? why hadn't we heard of it until today?

    link related, its the auction of the giant 20d that was auctioned at gencon, and includes the speech that gary's son gave about the other charity that money went to.
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