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Cool off. I understand that Rich is upset, but hopefully that doesn't give you or anyone else the license to threaten violence against people based on their religious or political views.
I suspect that was hyperbole. No one is actually planning on punching them.

How about we all step up to the plate and prove that they're wrong.
Indeed. The issue is exactly that many groups, exemplified by CCF here, do seem to have a perception of gamers as "virtual violence freaks" among other things. This isn't the first recent incident of gamers getting subjected to that or the other negative and unjustified stereotypes (lives in their mom's basement, worships satan, etc.) recently and publically. Others would have come up here except for that doing so would violate, or come close to violating, the no politics forum rules. An uproar about these kinds of things is long in coming and advocacy by gamers that institutions, programs, or people that hold these views shouldn't be patronized and supported (particularly when there are other equally worthwhile options, many of which were mentioned on this thread) by the gaming community. Rich has a right to be angry. Anyone who games or has friends or family who game have a right to be angry. That this kind of ignorance is, in this case, also keeping a group with a worthwile mission, helping those in need, from doing so should also make us sad. Stepping up to the plate means recognizing the situation for what it is and calling people on it as publically as possible.

Thank you Giant for posting it and bringing it to as wide attention. Thank you everyone else for writing letters and informing others.