First off, I'm not sure why there's any reason to go so gung-ho on the letter writing. Not getting the $17,000 is a perfectly fine consequence for passing it up, and I don't think that sending letter after letter is going to change anything. Besides, the money went to another charity anyway, so it's not like it went to waste.

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As far as I've heard, no one has received a response other than the canned form letter/email. Not saying they haven't, but that's what I've heard to this point in time. Very disappointing.
How so? If I was a charity or organization and did something, and got a lot of angry e-mails about it, I wouldn't bother responding to each one individually and would just make one form e-mail and send it in response. I don't see anything wrong about it being a form e-mail. Feel free to complain about what the form e-mail says or what they do, but making a form e-mail is what I think would be smart to do in this case.

Also, let's not demonize the entire charity for what was probably a decision made by just a few people at the upper levels of it, especially given that it was Gary Gygax's favorite charity. I see a lot of people complaining at the charity. I don't think we should be laying the blame at the entire thing, when it's likely that only a few people in it actually made the decision.