I sent the following. This is just disappointing. I try to believe in humanity, I really do...but they do tend to let me down sometimes.


I will keep this brief, as I am sure you are inundated with letters of this kind (at least I hope that you are). This writing is to inform you that I am sorely disappointed with the Christian Children's Fund's refusal to act as a sponsored charity for GenCon. If those who made this decision truly wished to express Christian values, they would have accepted this donation graciously, so that this money could be used to aid those in need. Given the state of the world today, I am deeply saddened that people would allow a very minor ideological quibble with a GAME to get in the way of such a virtue as charity. Whoever receives this letter should seriously evaluate their priorities and consider the consequences of such close-minded thinking.

I myself have spent most of my life involved with the gaming industry, and it offends me deeply that you would turn us aside when we attempt to reach out with a helping hand. Until your organization reverses its attitude towards gamers, you can expect no help from myself or those whom I have influence over. I will encourage my friends and family to donate to charities with a more diverse outlook, because I do believe strongly in helping others whenever possible. I would also advise that gamers, Christian and otherwise, are willing to forgive, because many of us share a vision of a better world. However, an apology to our community, and an assurance that the backwards attitude towards our hobby will be reconsidered, would go a long way towards mending the relationship between your charity and a large group of people who only want to help their fellow human beings.


Gamer, Unitarian, and potential donor.