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Not getting the $17,000 is a perfectly fine consequence for passing it up,
If this was a for-profit business, you would be correct. However, the people who made this decision did not lose $17,000 for themselves, they lost it for the children they are trying to help. They still brought home the same salary from CCF this year, either way. That is why it bothers me. And that is why, while I support people letting them know how they feel, my primary goal in posting this information was to let people know that there are charities out there that DON'T feel this way, and that we should support them instead.

The important issue here is whether or not the children in need are getting the best possible help. CCF has proven, by its actions, that they are willing to put their personal considerations--whatever philosophical basis they have for them--ahead of what is best for starving children. Therefore, it is our duty, as concerned donors, to make our donations through organizations that aren't likely to take the same path.

Also, note that the Fisher House, while a worthy cause, does not help children in impoverished areas of the world; they build places for families to stay near military hospitals in the USA (sort of like the Ronald McDonald house for veterans). A good cause, certainly, but definitely not the same cause, and I wanted people who believed in the cause of fighting child poverty to know that yes, there are charities that will gladly accept your befouled gamer-tainted money.

The Voice of Mod: Also, let's be careful not to bring their religion into this. There are plenty of secular reasons why this is a stupid thoughtless blunder on their part without calling their religion into question.

Plus, no threats of violence. Consider the thread warned.