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    Default Re: Charity Rejects D&D Money - Let's Write Letters!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    ...there are charities that will gladly accept your befouled gamer-tainted money.
    *LE GASP*

    They have him too!
    No gamer is safe! Run for your lives!

    More seriously, I wrote up this letter:

    To those concerned,

    It has recently come to my attention that your charity turned down over a $17,000 donation raised by the auction at GenCon, because it was associated with the "Dungeons and Dragons" game.

    I am utterly appalled at this.
    This is money willingly raised and offered up for the good of many, to aid the lives of the less fortunate, and it was refused because it was associated with a game?

    That's just pathetic.
    Anyone willing to actually look at the facts rather than cling to mistaken beliefs bred by fear, misunderstanding, and sheer stupidity will find that "Dungeons and Dragons" is no more harmful than (and is indeed quite comparable to) improvisational acting while reading excel spreadsheets.

    As a participant of GenCon, a player of Dungeons and Dragons, and someone raised on the very morals that caused your charity to reject this gift of goodwill, I am insulted by the implication that my money- no- my very SOUL is tainted by a game that simply encourages creativity.

    It is my deep hope that you will come to repent your uninformed and pharisaic actions, and will understand that goodwill is in fact goodwill, no matter the source- and that indeed, the source was not bad.

    Offended and Insulted

    I wish I had been a little more restrained, but at the time I was writing it I was trying not to see red. >.>
    Oh, and my real name was replaced with my user name. I didn't actually sign it as Vael.
    I should have though.
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