For all the bickering and hyperbole going on we can probably all agree that A) this is ridiculous and B) we should speak up and let the charity know they're making a tremendous error. While we cannot fix it this time around, hopefully it will help in the future.

Anyway, mah lettah!

Hello CCF,

I've recently come across a news story alleging that your charity turned down an incredibly generous donation in light of the fact that it was given by people who play dungeons and dragons.

How absurd.

I'm both amazed and distraught that this level of callousness and ignorance exists in a group dedicated to helping children. Nothing about dungeons and dragons is in anyway harmful. I'm assuming you're basing your rejection off of rumors that are almost two and half decades old. Unfortunately, the only ones who will suffer for this disturbing oversight are the children you, and the people whom attempted to donate to you, aim to help.

I find solace in the fact that the money has found a home with another, and dare I say more deserving, charity. While vetting your donations is a laudable goal, you've descended a laughable level.