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    Default Re: Charity Rejects D&D Money - Let's Write Letters!

    A while back a charity for abused children/families that I did extensive reporting about turned down sizeable gifts from licensed casino gaming and adult beverage establishments, on the grounds that they didn't wish to appear to condone practices that went against their mission statement (they're anti-gambling and alcohol, believing these things cause many of the problems their organization tries to fix). Some of the people who worked there weren't happy about it and a few even quit, but the directors thought taking the money that may have been made at the expense of the people they're trying to help would in effect be affirming bad behavior.

    Sure, money is money but when you start getting into things like morality, for better or worse that's when lines start getting drawn in the sand. If the CCF folks really think GenCon, WotC, etc. are purveyors of things that their belief system rejects--or think that their major donors think that--then it's not surprising they would turn down money that was made off of selling products they object to. (And I'm sorry but I don't think for a minute that any secular reasons they might come up with for this are anything more than a dodge.)

    I want to make sure you all understand that I do NOT agree with them, nor am I saying that D&D or other fantasy RPGs are "wicked" (I'm an atheist and a gamer) are in any way comparable to controlled substances or gambling--or for that matter any form of hate speech (I've read of many instances where racist, anti-semitic and other hateful organizations had their charitable donations rejected) or any illegal activity that might cause someone to turn down money because of its source.

    But if they really, truly think that we're all a bunch of horrible sinners who are going to hell because our characters use magic or worship pagan gods, why would anyone expect them to accept money from the sales of "satanic" items?
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