I sent an e-mail as well.


Dear CCF,

As a firm believer in the message of Christ, the message to love your
neighbours, the message to help those in need, I am severely
disappointed that you decided not to accept the money that was to be
given to you in respect of E. Gary Gygax.

While I understand that some people believe Dungeons and Dragons is a
work of Satan, this is not true, and by not accepting this money, you
have stated, no matter how implicitly, that you consider Dungeons and
Dragons to be evil. Through this, you have alienated many supporters
and potential supporters.

In addition, you have disappointed the children, for the money
gathered was a substantial sum, which now is not used to help the
children who need it so much.

While I can understand that you cannot reverse this decision, I
believe I speak for all gamers when I say that we'd like more
explanation than this blurb you've given us.

God bless,