In order to loose some of my head of steam I went and talked with my University Chaplin about this. I feel it helped. He was somewhat supprised as to the behaviour of a chairty he is aware of on a professional level (and is going to ask the other chaplins to re-consider said charity's priorities in light of this). As a Christian the correct responce is to forgive and to pray that they will understand the folly of what they have done. As a gamer I feel the correct responce is to move on. There are plenty of gamer freindly charites out there and at the end of the day what they choose to/not to take as donations is their choice. If they do, as I susupect, count a large number of the fundemental "7 days and a snake, King James Bible pure" brigade that has caused us greif in the past as donators then sadly this is the sensible choice for them. And for us, tthe sensible choice is to investiage who we donate to.