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You know everyone, I would personally suggest that before you send letters, you wait after you write them. Preferably a day, but at least an hour. Then look back at the letter and change it as necessary before sending it in. Otherwise you're likely to send extremely angry letters that will probably just be dismissed outright. This kind of "cooling off" period is a good thing for such letter-writing.
Well, I disagree with you. Polite or not, the letters won't change anything. Sending one had only a single purpose as far as I am concerned: making me feel better. If they get thousands, it might also have the purpose of making them realise many people do care about it. But only sheer numbers will do that, not the strength of our arguments.

What we can do is make sure as many people as possible know about it. personnally, I don't really donate to begin with considering both my husband and myself are unemployed, but should I find a nice-paying job that allows me to donate, I'll know to avoid CCF. If we can tell as many people as we can about it, it doesn't matter if they send an e-mail or not. What matters is that they will know to avoid this charity if they're feeling as strongly as we do here.

Ultimately, what really matters is the people helped by the charity, in this case children. Fortunately, other charities help children. If they were the only one, many things would be different. For one thing, it would be important to keep donating to them so the kids can be helped. it could also be important to make them realise their mistake, since any money they refuse could never be used to help children.
But that's fortunately not the case. there are other good charities. So let's just spread the word about them to anyone we know who might be looking for a new place to put their money to good use.