And the letter they have received from me:
I have a question, concerning not the accountability of the money you've received, but rather the accountability to the kids you claim to help.

This is in reference to the following attempted donor:

After reading this, I perused your site, and your mission statement, beliefs, and most of the information you provided in your About CCF section. Very noble. Every last bit of it speaks of using responsibility and accountability to assist as many children as can be helped. And yet, you turned down 17,398 ways to help. Tell me, which of the listed tenets of your foundation did this organization violate? How did this organization hinder your mission of helping kids? Did GenCon (and subsequently, Dungeons and Dragons) contribute to malnourished and uncared for children? If not, then why would you refuse to allow someone to support a cause you feel strongly about. GenCon offered you a donation out of the deep-seated respect for your organization held by one of the founding members of Dungeons and Dragons (Gary Gygax, who passed away earlier this year). In tribute to him, and out of respect for the causes he supported, an entire community wanted to honor both him and the cause he supported.

And they were turned away. This isn't like an anti-gambling organization taking money from casinos. It's an organization, too caught up in what they're fighting against, and losing sight what they were fighting FOR. Children. Needy children. That's what it is all about, or at least, that's what it was about, until your organization turned it into a Christianity vs. D&D issue. Is it not acceptable for people of different beliefs to gather together in support of a good cause?

Is the name of the CCF that important that it is worth the suffering of children? In first century Rome, christians had the moral strength to be reviled for their beliefs. They were hated, beaten, and killed, and yet they held to their beliefs. And now? We have an organization too afraid of being disliked to do what they're supposed to do.

Did your moral stand, in any way, detract from Dungeons and Dragons? Did it hurt the players, or the company that makes the game? No. The only victims in your choice were children. The same children in your mission statement, that there are too many of.... starving. How does that coincide with your beliefs.

Even in the bible, the parable of the good samaritan shows that even across beliefs, across nationalities, a man that reaches out and helps his fellow man loves his neighbor. Was that not what we gamers were trying to do?

We will still donate. Of that you can be sure. Your lack of judgement and clarity of purpose have not dulled our will to help others. But, as long as you maintain those backwards views, I can promise you. You will not see a dime of my money. Not even a cent. And I shall attempt to reach as many people as I can, and tell them the same.

When a person receives good news, they tell a friend. When a person receives bad news, they tell 10 friends. This was bad news. I have BCC'd most of my contacts, and am urging them to continue to spread this message, that as long as the CCF is unwilling to take money to help children, they were undeserving of any money they receive.

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