So, 5 pages of complaints.

About what?

Because a charity does not want to be associated with D&D.

Who has been harmed? Precisely nobody - the money has simply gone to another charity: suffering people will still benefit, the people who made the donations still know that they have helped others.

Why would the charity do this? Simple - do a websearch on, say, Mother Teresa and see how many rants there are about how 'hypocritical' she was for accepting donations from dubious people and organisations.
Why should people sweating blood trying to help the suffering have to put up with these sort of smears? No reason - so the charity is protecting its members. Good for them.

And no, they're not going to check whether the accusations thrown against D&D are accurate. They're too *busy*. They simply don't have *time* to find out.

And if they did check? Sure, they'd find the 'demonic' charges to be laughable. But what about the savage violence and entrenched racism that OotS pokes fun at? How about Gygax's sexism? Or the early modules such as Keep on the Borderlands where PCs were expected to sell captives as slaves, and slaughter children?

Roleplaying, including D&D, is a lot of fun - and can be a healthy pastime. But D&D has a grubby past: we're in no position to take the moral high ground. Particularly against people who have far better things to do than listen to our complaints.