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    Default Re: Charity Rejects D&D Money - Let's Write Letters!

    For those who think an e-mail to an account set up with an auto-reply is not good enough, here's some more information about the charity and who runs it:

    Snail Mail Address

    2821 Emerywood Parkway
    Richmond VA 23294 USA

    The president of the organization is Anne Lynam. The chairman of the Board of Directors is William E. Leahey, Jr.

    I would like to strongly urge those who are in the mood to express their opinions to send an actual, physical letter to those individuals via snail mail. A physical letter has a much stronger impact in these sorts of situations, because of the effort involved in sending them. Please be polite in your correspondence. Explain the facts as you understand them, tell them why their views of gamers upsets you and (most importantly) point out that your donation money will be going to other charities in the future.

    I also encourage those of you with blogs to make a post about this. Come back and link your blog post here, in order to help raise its Google rank. It would be good for this to show up high on searches for CCF, and for news to get far and wide -- including outside the gamer circle.


    I was unable to find e-mail addresses for Ms. Lynam and Mr. Leahey (but I also didn't have much time for actual research). The only personal e-mail address I could find was for Ellie Whinnery, the Global Communications Manager. Her e-mail address is elwhinnery@ccfusa.org. It's obviously hard to extrapolate a pattern from one address, but for those inclined to try to e-mail Ms. Lynam and Mr. Leahey, I'd suggest trying anlynam@ccfusa.org and wileahey@ccfusa.org.


    Finally, if folks are interested in even more charities, I'd be willing to list some of my personal favorites. But, I think between the two Rich mentioned in his news post (Fisher House and Plan USA) and the rest of the ones mentioned here, there's already quite a good list.
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