Here is what I wrote.

When I found out about this action I was appalled. Turning down over $17,000 in money donated in good faith because it might be "tainted" by Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is reason many people do not take any kind of religion seriously.

I grew up learning and loving the teaching of Jesus Christ. He is my personal Savior and is a guiding light in my life. I think he would be shocked and appalled that your organization turned down money donated in good faith. He taught us to love and accept all of Humanity, not just those that believe the same things you do. Heck, he wasn't even Christian he was Jewish.

I have been playing DnD for well over a decade. I have never once worshiped a devil or have had thoughts of suicide. I played characters that fought evil and tried to make their world a better place. That is exactly what DnD is it is a game of make believe. I don't think any of those characters I created are any more real than any other fictional character. The game teaches you to use your imagination, think outside the box, and getting along with a group of people.

The sensational stories of the 70's and 80's are pure propaganda against DnD, by people that don't understand nor play it. I find it appalling that those close minded attitudes still persist in this day and age. The DnD I have been associated with has always been good triumphing over evil and a happy ending. I don't think that my soul has ever been "tainted" by DnD.

I apologize if your organization is not close minded and is only reacting because of close minded donors. I have seen and been around that type of close minded attitudes in my life. The only way to deal with them is through patience and education. You missed a golden opportunity to teach these types of people a lesson in love and acceptance by bowing to their pressure. You could have shown that people who play so called "tainted" hobbies are just as loving and just as open to helping their fellow man.

I have told all of my family and their responses are similar to mine even though they do not play any form of DnD. I know that one person standing against a wrong doesn't do much. I hope that the many letters and emails that you receive from people that are just as insulted by this as I am will change your mind. If many people stand against a great wrong it will be righted. I hope that this will change your attitude for future donations.

Texas Jedi
I hope that we can at least shame them into saying they made a mistake. I think that would go along way into cooling my anger.