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Good Cat shall reward Llamamushroom for revealing the truth and Anonymous Man for defending it.
"Verily I Say Unto Thee, That In These Troubled Times, When Snuggles Dost Pounce, And The People Cover Their Heads With Their Paws In Gloom,Yet Will Good Cat Protect Her Kittens. As The Lioness Protecteth Her Cubs, So Shalt Good Cat Protect.
Snuggles Is The Forest Ablaze, The Strom That Shatters The Sky, The Flood The Sweeps All In Its Path. A Terrible Thing Is He, Destroyer Of Worlds And Harbinger Of Death. No Man Canst Stand Before Him, All Swords Shatter, All Shields Splinter.
And Yet, Fires Fade, Storms Dissipate, And Rivers Return Unto Their Appointed Channels. So Snuggle Returns The Balance, So Good Cat Her Granteth Mercy And Protection.