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    Default Re: [Template] So long, and thanks for all the fis

    Quote Originally Posted by Fax Celestis, Master of Nuance
    I have one request: a PrC that would allow me to acquire this template.
    Hrmmm, don't know about that, as this gives alot of benefits that'd make a character extremely versatile, much less giving all of its benefits all in one go.

    I am just crazy in thinking that an apostrophe would make this look a lot better, i.e., seadream't rather than seadreamt? Such minor quibbles aside, love the expansion of the Whale Dream.
    It does sorta, though is that proper english (if their is such a thing)?

    Am I the only one who thought of the Wind Fish (from LoZ Link's Awakening) when I saw whale dream?
    Never played that, but I was told it was perfect for explaining Pines of Rome from Fantasia 2000. Be sure to continue to Pt. 2. Its to the right.

    Hadn't seen it before until I just now looked it up. Enjoy!
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