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    Default Re: First time DMing and already killed a character.

    Quote Originally Posted by chiasaur11 View Post
    Wow. A dachshund. The king of dogs there.

    A good German Shepard or Husky would kill the cat in minutes if it came to that.

    Rex wouldn't. He would, instead, prevent the cat from ever having existed.

    Remember Fluffy, who used to have Snuggle's job?

    I thought not.
    Fluffy was but the name men gave Snuggles in the before time. In fact, neither have ever truly existed. They are but aspects of the infinite wonder, majesty, terror, love, and awe, that is Cat. Humans cannot truly comprehending Its glory, so they break It into chunks they can swallow. Some others turn to false beings, such as Rex, for their comfort. I say, let them have their time, it will end shortly enough.

    Milk and Catnip For Cat,
    Yarn For The Yarn Throne!
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