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    Default Re: A Zombiemageddon Campaign Journal - Please read and comment!

    Quote Originally Posted by Frigs View Post
    Sounds awesome. I like the way you re-worked zombies.
    Thanks, though I can't take all the credit. I based my zombies heavily on the zombies described in this thread (a great read in and of itself), though I did make some changes from the zombies as described there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deth Muncher
    Question: How do the Heal skill and the spell Remove Disease (and related spells) function here? Does a Heal check stop the bleeding from a wound and delay activation of the T-Virus (or whichever name you're using in this world)? Does Remove Disease instantly cure someone of Zombification? What happens if you Remove Disease a zombie who's lost a limb? Do they regain life and start bleeding profusely? Just some things to consider.

    Personally, I would only have Remove Disease apply to people who have just been infected (and thus, not died from the virus/probably haven't lost any appendages due to being dead), and have Heal prevent the activation of the disease for a number of rounds = to the number the DC was beaten by (probably like DC20 or so?). Delay Poison should function the same way it always has.

    And please, don't take this as me trying to...I dunno, attack your campaign or anything. These are just practical problems that occurred to me as I was thinking about your campaign.
    Not at all. This is exactly why I'm posting this journal. I'm happy to get any comments or suggestions, positive or negative. I know there's always going to be something I'll miss or forget to consider, and there's nothing like running it by the braintrust .

    I've already worked out how characters can use Remove Disease and Heal to delay zombification for a while, but I wanted actually curing it (if it comes to that) to be more quest-oriented than simply casting the spell. I haven't worked out exactly how to do it yet, but I have a couple of options I'm considering. I do know that I want zombification to be more than just a disease. It needs to maintain some mystery and magic in a D&D setting, imho.
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