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Not at all. This is exactly why I'm posting this journal. I'm happy to get any comments or suggestions, positive or negative. I know there's always going to be something I'll miss or forget to consider, and there's nothing like running it by the braintrust .

I've already worked out how characters can use Remove Disease and Heal to delay zombification for a while, but I wanted actually curing it (if it comes to that) to be more quest-oriented than simply casting the spell. I haven't worked out exactly how to do it yet, but I have a couple of options I'm considering. I do know that I want zombification to be more than just a disease. It needs to maintain some mystery and magic in a D&D setting, imho.
Quite so, quite so! It was just funny, the thought that popped into my mind was something like:
PCs: Okay, we go to the nearest temple.
DM: Why? Praying to be spared from the zompocalypse?
PCs: No, we're going to get the clerics so we can spam Mass Remove Disease for the next few days.