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    Default Re: A Zombiemageddon Campaign Journal - Please read and comment!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zid
    Perhaps you should look into the DR version of armour found in the UA? That way, bites wouldn´t to too dangerous for armoured PCs. Unless the zombies get a crit. And remember that all zombies likes to hug. Use grapple rules.
    This is a good idea too! I've looked at the "armor as DR" variant a few times and was heavily involved with the Avatar d20 project, which used that variant extensively. I can't believe I forgot. I knew posting this journal was going to pay off.

    Also, I've already decided to use grapple more extensively for zombies. See the spoilered description of my zombie tweaks in the first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Solaris
    For a good mindscrew, how's about it's possible for someone to be a carrier for the disease, but not affected by it themselves? Like, this guy might be safe himself, but anyone he kisses or bleeds on is screwed unless they, too, are carriers? 28 Weeks Later had a pretty nifty idea there.
    Out of curiousity, what's the incubation period on this disease? You might've said it, but I missed it.
    An interesting idea, but doesn't really jive with my ideas for how the curse/disease/whatever operates in this campaign. I did enjoy 28 Days Later and their take on zombies, but I think that having the possibility of a disease carrier won't really work for this campaign.

    Incidentally, I didn't mention any specifics about the disease, just in case my PC's read this journal. I don't think anything I've said so far would ruin the campaign, but I want to be careful. I will, however, PM you shortly.

    Quote Originally Posted by lostintransit
    This reminds me of the campaign section I just finished for my 4th ed group.

    They were all level 12-13 and I still managed to threaten them with the horribleness of disease! At one point the barbarian had over 70 bites. They then wasted all their cure disease scrolls on fixing him. They didn't wonder ontot the streets again after that! It made it very tense as they tried to find resources and save the city folk!

    Keep up the good work though, It sounds like your having fun, which is the important bit!
    That's exactly the atitude I'm hoping my PC's will have once they make their way to a safe hideout. Half the fun of a zombie apocalypse is trying to find your way around without actually fighting the zombies, since there will always be more zombies than you can fight off. This first session was strange since the PC's started out in an open space away from safe forts, meaning they had to fight the zombies. In retrospect this probably wasn't the best idea on my part, but I wanted to give them options and do something a little different with my campaign. The other examples I've seen have the PC's starting in a building, lending themselves to quick forting and more defensive sessions than ours turned out to be.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

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