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Thou must remember that hyenas are, in fact, more cat than dog. I suggest they are betrayers of catkind who have taken canine form to please their foul overlord (Rex).

'And lo, Cuddles didst step forward from amongst the other CatGods before all of feline kind and didst say, "One of you shalt betray us! He shalt be smitten so that it wouldst be better hadst he never been born!" and Yeenoghu Lord of hyenas didst slink away to his master Rex whom granted him a canine form. Yet Good Cat didst say to Cuddles "It is better to have mercy to the pitiful canines as they be the pets of our pets." and Cuddles was swayed by her argument yet Snuggles plotted to disintegrate all of canine kind for daring to humiliate Cat kind-The Book of Jaw chapter 16