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Something I always figured I do if I made a zombie campaign is feature good all zombie-evolution. So while right now your characters might have a tough time with their zombies, eventually they will get to be powerful enough or fortified enough that zombies cease to be scary. Therefore, there are rarer more powerful versions of zombies that occasionally emerge. Here's some examples. Zombies with magic, zombies that climb or leap, zombies that spit acid or poison etc. You could introduce these zombies from afar (so the PCs have time to kill it), but the real fear comes when this difficult to defeat zombie comes in multiples, or at night, or in an even more dangerous variety.
I had thought about this and haven't completely made up my mind. On the one hand, it's always good to inject some variety into the campaign so that the players don't get bored. I definitely don't want to hear, "oh no another zombie *sigh* I'm so scared" in a deadpan that belies the words, so I'll definitely mix things up a little bit. On the other hand, "elite" or "evolved" zombies have always struck me as somewhat arbitrary. If some zombies can be this way, why aren't all the zombies more powerful? What causes the mutation? So, I guess my jury's still out on this one, though it's definitely something I'm considering.

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Ahh, this campaign sounds like real gold i might have to steal some of it .

I'm just wondering, you say this will be at least partially sandbox, but will the players be limited to the city or surrounding area? also, how far is the zombie infection affecting, and is it spreading? if so, how?

wow... that was an annoying, know it all mouthfull .

Sorry, sounds a bit aggressive. But i really like the campagin idea
I'm really glad you think this is an interesting idea. Feel free to steal anything you want and use it for your own group. If you want specific stat blocks or maps or anything, just send me a PM.

At this point in the campaign, all the PC's know is that their neighborhood is overwhelmed by zombies. They haven't yet had a chance to travel more than a few blocks (and that travel was a desperate mad dash for an inn that might provide a modicum of safety), so they don't really know anything about the broader world at this point. Ultimately, the extent of the outbreak and the options available kinda depends on the players and what they want to do. If I find that there's enough interest in the campaign to take it into higher levels, the outbreak may very well become global. On the other hand, it will probably take a while to level, so interest might fizzle when/if the players manage to escape the city, and the outbrake may end up being contained in Dekhi. I don't want to railroad the players or make them commit to a year's worth of zombie sessions, so I'm leaving that question open at the moment. I have a good enough idea of the continent to be able to adapt relatively well.

And don't worry, you don't sound aggressive. Just interested and inquisitive . Thanks a lot for posting.