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Thou must remember that hyenas are, in fact, more cat than dog. I suggest they are betrayers of catkind who have taken canine form to please their foul overlord (Rex).

Also, I have gathered information that the so-called "Rex" actually is an illusion, created by the elder god Alextoth! That is right, caninists, your deity is a figment of chaotic imagination! You might as well surrender.

-Highlord Xavius, the Catyr
All good Friends of Rex know of Toth. He was as able as any mortal could be expected of conveying the awesome of man's best friend. But he was a mere purveyor of truth, not a creator.

Besides, Kanigher did the writing. And we don't insult Robert Kanigher. Man created Frank Rock, baddest man in comics. And he killed about half of Wonder Woman's supporting cast in one move, and no-one raised a finger to stop him. And he fought alongside the Creature Commandos in WWII. Even without the aid of Rex, I have no doubt he could destroy Snuggles.