Okay, another reason the inn is really confusing right now:

Too many people. All posting really fast.
It's . . . . mind boggling. Even to me.
If I may ask a few things:

A) Please, no solid OoC posts. All it does is annoy the person trying to talk to your character. Since you didn't answer.
B) Quit editing your post drastically. If you miss a post, and want to respond to it, please, put it on the bottom of the post, and put: EDIT: Before it. Don't completely change the entire post.
C) Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. You don't need to go back and fix the post after you have it pointed out that you spelled a name wrong. That's fine. It happens. Everyone does it.
D) Please, can everyone try to use punctuation, grammar, and spelling?
I realize it's hard for many people, (Heck, I'm one of them.) but can you please try?
E) Slow down posting. It will lead to less IC errors, (Such as wrong text, and so on) and will help things a lot.
F) Give people a chance to post. Then respond. Don't respond to every post as they appear. Since, odds are, the person you're talking to will post just after you. Then you have to wait. (I've done this too many times to count)
Whatever comes after F () ) For the newer people, how about if you keep it to one character per thread. Until you get used to multiple people. Just an idea.

This is just . . . . I guess my way of helping.
Feel free not to do any of these, as I can't enforce these at all.
I'm just wanting to offer some suggestions.