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Back on track.
Let's begin!
Yeah, that one, continue.
I'ma finish my update.
No matter how long!
I know you've all been asking for it but mainly Mee, so, here it is!
Firstly, I'ma talk about random stuffm then some ideas, then some improvements, then some compliments, then more random stuff.

First topic; Okay, I'ma teach you all about fighting. Not that you all don't get it. But I see a lot of common mistakes. One, when someone tries to hit you, instead of posting just another action in your next post, say if it hits or not. Second, don't reference D&D spells, just describe what the spell does. Third and final, if yu can't avoid something because of position, bond, whatever, let it hit you!

Second topic! Common courtesies, remember, you're not the only one playing the Town. Everyone else isn't a set of NPCs to use in you story, they're people, that are trying to have fun. Which means you should be in other's plots, your character is not the main character of Town, and try not to railroad. Which brings me to my next topic.

Railroading. Railroading is when you make a plot, and have it preplanned. Characters should be able to change the outcome of your plot with their actions. So, try not to think of an ending, try to just make an introduction to what's happening, and let it roll. This'll make it funner for the character, as it seems they're a bigger part of the story, not just reading a book!

OOCk. OOut of Character knowledge, or meta gaming. It's when your character knows something that you know out of character, that they have no reason to know. It ruins stories and makes the game not fun for other players. Please try and refrain from doing so to let everyone have a good time. And who knows, maybe it'll help you get more in character!

The curtain. Okay, I'm an offender here, a bad one, but, I am trying to cut back. It's starting to offend a lot of people, my self included, sorta. Please, try and cut down, or keep it to private threads, pms, or Ims. It's getting really tedious.

Fast, meaningless posts. This is mainly in fights, but I see it a lot of posts like this:

And then a short conversation, mainly made of two to four word sentences begins. This is almost spam, and should be kept to Ims, or Pms. It'll slow threads down and make it a lot easier for people who don't have a lot of time to keep up. If you want a good example- look at the Playground prom thread.

OOC posts. Nifty eh? We gotsa an OOC thread! But still, people seem to like to be OOC in IC threads.This isn't that bad, but still try to keep it to this thread. Also, try not to make all OOC posts, try to continue your IC interactions. It makes threads less confusing and easier to follw/jump into!
So, try not to do this.

And, if you do make an OOC post in an IC thread, clearly label it.
Like this.
Way one: ((This is an OoC post!))
Way two: This is an oOC post![/OoC]
This will help clarify what's what in your posts.

Town time period and Town size. DO NOT state what time period the Town is in, or how big it is. The Town year is 2008, in the Townverse. The Town seems to be a nexus. People from all times seem to gather here. So, some people can be cyborg men, some cavemen, it doesn't matter, just have fun. Same with the size. The Town could be three building and a fence, or it could be a metropolis, it all depends on your imagination. You don't question other people's, they won't question your's. Let everyone have fun!

Realism. The Town shouldn't be too realistic, but it shouldn't be too cheasy either. Try and keep it semi realistic. When in plot, keep the plot's tone as pre-stated. For example, if you're doing a very serious vampire hunting plot, don't play a farting clown.

Plots. If you don't want people to be in them, clearly state in the first post, and say you don't want others to post there. It'll help eveyone, and stop confusion. Good for everyone.

Ims. Instant messages. These are best for short, quick conversations, fights, or romances, they won't clutter threads, and will save confusion. There are a lot out there, the best are probably Yahoo and Live, these work great and are easy to manage. Just google tthem, they'll be at the top of the list. If you can't download things, try Gabbly, it's browser based and easy to use.

Death. I know a lot of you don't want your characters to die, but, sometimes they have ot, for plot reasons, or because they got caught in a bad situation. But, making them not die is god-mody and bad. And when they die, please, make death mean something, keep them dead for a little bit, don't just auto rez them an hour later.

How I suggest we fix this.
Fighting: Follow the guidelines provided in the fighting seciotn.
Railroading: Don't have the ending of your plot preplanned.
OOCK: Don't let your character know what you know and they don't.
The curtain: Keep it to private threads or cut down. I actually suggest we make a DFI second floor thread so people don't have to read things like that if they don't want to.
Short conversation: Keep short sentences to PM and IMs and try to give your post some meaning!
OOC posts: Clearly label the OOC part and make sure you make an IC action!
Realism: Conform to the setting.
Plots: Label the first post!
Death: Let your character die if it's gonna happen!

Report card: I'ma evaluate y'all!
Godmodding: B
I don't see too much of it... Some occasinaly, though.
Niceness: C-
A lot of people are being rude.
Grammar: C+
Fairness: C-
Not very fair... Overpowerdness, godmodding, ignoring people...
Good, but room for improvement!

Now, for all you nex people.
A glossary!
IC: In character; Things that happen to yor character.
OOC: Out of Character; things that happen to you.
PM: Private Message, you can send them over the board.
Townie: A Town resident.
The Curtain: What happens during intercourse to act as a censor.
OOCK: WHen your character knows what the play does.

And, the Townie of the month award goes to...
For excellent service in the name of the Town, to improve it!

Congratulations Mee!

This is my December mayor adress.
Thank you for reading.
I'll be back in a month for more good times!
There it is again for ya...
It's just, ya know, I use green as my text color...