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    Update 1

    In The Temple of Amour, Rabbit Vasque, the Destroyer of Faiths, has just accepted Amour's offer to become her Chosen One in an attempt to protect her soul from being omnomnomed by Draken.

    In The World is Black and White, the party has finally been reunited through portal abuse. The looted treasure has transformed into keys, and Anthony Watkin, the Captain, is in a hurry to leave. He wants to take them to a fortress he's found.

    In GLoG, Turtle has finally been given enough evidence by Dispnig and DC to convince her that Draken is involved in her memory loss. Turtle, Fan, and DC haven't yet come up with anything remotely resembling a plan, but Turtle insists that Vespe and Rabbit be rescued from Draken's influence and not considered as enemies. Any small gains she had made towards a reconciliation with Fan have been lost. She's still not convinced that he is innocent of the attack on Vespe and Rabbit, and as yet, no one has realized that it was only simulacra that were attacked.
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