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    Johannes Frederikson

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: Mid 30's
    Alignment: LAWFUL GOOD(!)
    Class (or approximation): Fighter
    Power Rating (optional): Variable. Usually around A-.
    A large Nordic man, with shoulder length blonde hair and a full beard (think Ultimate Thor). He is always seen wearing full plate. Yes, even while sleeping. He's that hardcore.
    Equipment and Abilities: Aside from aforementioned full plate, he wields a giant greatsword, nearly as long as he is tall. The greatsword is carved with runic engravings of the 12 starsigns of the Zodiac, 6 on each side, which he can invoke to gain special powers.
    • Ram's Charge: When invoking this starsign, Johannes becomes a literal juggernaut, able to brush aside even the largest of foes with ease as he charges towards his goal.
    • Burst of the Bull: When this is invoked, Johannes grows to 5 times his regular size, and gains a similar increase in strength and endurance. Foot go up, Little man scream in terror. Foot go down, no more screaming.
    • Castor and Pollux: What's more awesome than Johannes? Two Johannesess. By invoking this power, Johannes splits into two identical simulacrums of himself.
    • Vice of the Crab: The barbarian's bare hands grow rock hard and swell with muscle, allowing him to crush bones, smash rock, and bend steel with his bare hands, and giving his hands a near indestructible plating.
      Thanks Duos. Sorry Festy.
    • Lion's Roar: Johannes lets loose a feral roar, imbuing his allies with supernatural courage while causing his puny enemies to flee for their pathetic lives.
    • Touch of the Virgin: Johannes' manliness cannot be denied. As he invokes this power his enemies start to fall madly in love with him, causing them to be unable to harm a single hair upon his manly, handsome head. Of course, being just and awesome, Johannes never takes advantage of his enemies while in this state. Well, besides from sticking his sword in their face that is.
    • Balancing Act: Johannes slashes at his enemy, dealing damage equal to the damage that has been inflicted on himself. Johannes doesn't like this power, since it requires him to be hurt.
    • Sting of the Scorpion: The sword's metal can take the effects of any poison, from the deadliest of toxins, to simple sleepy stuff. Again, not one of Johannes' favored powers. He likes to fight in a manly way.
    • Eye of the Archer/Centaur: By invoking this, Johannes' sight increases tenfold, and he can see through illusions and even invisibility, allowing sword-y justice to be swift and sweet.
    • Something of the Sea-goat: Dunno.
    • Water Carrier's Blessing: By drawing on this aspect, Johannes can turn any liquid into holy water (or just normal water).
    • Scales of the Fish: When this power is invoked, Johannes' skin ripples, and he can either become invisible, or reflected, looking as if he had been carved from solid metal. Needless to say, if he becomes reflective while in bright light, it may cause adverse effects to his enemy's eyesight.
      Thanks to Kaelaroth for this one.

    Backstory: From birth, Johannes was different. He was stronger, faster, better, a man. At the age of 12, he confronted an Aboleth which had been plagueing shipping lanes and killed it with his bare hands, and by the age of 15, he had slain his first Dragon. At 18, he graduated top of his class at the knight academy, with the second in the class having several more bruises, and the third on life support. After much traveling, fighting, meeting new people and um... earning the nickname 'Johannes the Virile'.... he left his homeland, searching excitement and adventure abroad, much to the joy of the local monsters.
    Miscellaneous: He's hardcore. And hardboiled. And a man. And a manly man at that. A real man's man.
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