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    Update 4

    The Fan vs Rabbit plot, as told by Vespe:

    Quote Originally Posted by Vespe Ratavo View Post
    Nice to meet you too. Vespe shakes Ken's hand, then grabs a diagram featuring the faces of himself, Vespa, Turtle, Fan, Rabbit, and Draken. He draws lines connecting them as he speaks. Right, so, I'm Vespe, and she is Vespa, who I'm going to turn into after I get killed. She is Turtle, and she is Rabbit's sister. Rabbit does not like Fanboy, who is married to Turtle, and I don't like him either but that's besides the point. Someone- he quickly scribbles a question mark labeled "someone"- erased Turtle's memory of being married to Fan, and now she doesn't love him anymore, and Fanboy thinks Draken did this, and he thinks Rabbit and I are in cahoots with Draken in some sort of conspiracy or something, so he got some titans- he draws a person going "grarr" for titans- and decided to storm the Citadel, which is where Rabbit and I live, because he thought Draken was there, but he didn't.

    The chart is now an unholy mess of lines, squiggles, and smudges.

    Make sense now?

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