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Under the combined care of Javāsa and Bracken (both of whom invested in the Heal skill), Kata and Bracken make it until almost dawn before they finally feel the effects of the zombie bite. Both of them feel their insides wrenching and their muscles seem to atrophy slightly. Their skin seems to adhere more tightly to their bones and their eyes become bloodshot and sunken. Neither has died yet from the disease, but it is clear that something is wrong.

And thatís where we left the session, with the party finally in a safe location but low on food and supplies and with no plans for how to escape. Water wonít be a problem what with at least three casters preparing Create Water, but it will only be a few days before food becomes an issue and they still donít know how long Bracken and Kata will make it.

I hope this has been more interesting and enjoyable than my last post. I appreciate any comments you have.

Have you see Night of the Living Dead 3?
If so then you've seen the Zombie Girl who still remembered her friend and didn't kill him.
She killed others, but not him.

So, that got me thinking, the players could choose to still be zombies, but they get a will save DC (10 +1/2 HD + 1/day they haven't feed) every moment to resist the feed. Could make them roll every morning and certain situations you deem (like when a person is attacked/bleeding)
Yes, this means the higher level, the higher the DC.
A remove disease gives them an extra week before rolling.

They get +2 resist when surrounded by allies.

Basically, they lose Con mod to hps while in the zombified state (and the RP issues of no one trusting them). Just an idea.

You tell them they can choose to continue trying to play their characters , but the urge to feed is great and they might succumb any moment.

If they choose so they keep their mind temporaily (until fail check).

I love the story so far.