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Deathly is SO a word. Its just spelled wrong.
*bares his teeth at anyone who brings up the typo again*

Likewise, I dont see why this things converts eqiupment with it. Objects (typically) dont have positive energy in them. And would that ability work on constructs? Or Other such things? It dosent stipulate exactly what it affects.
#1. It converts equipment because thats what Gaseous Form does.

#2. Constructs are powered by life energies if I'm not mistaken, so this thing could increase the life energy, shake up whats in it and poof it into the proverbial steam.

The Living Spell template is from Eberron
Its also in the Monster Manual III.

Tribble, you should think about making a line of Planar Oozes, each having traits from the associated plane.
Alot of those have already been done. This is basically the opposite of the Void Ooze which is from the negative energy plane for example.