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    a GitP collaborative 'ship-fic'ing project.
    (more-or-less in story chronological order)

    Redemption prequels
    1. I Will Possess Your Heart - RabbitHoleLost
    2. Drafted Into the Army - TwoBitWriter

    Redemption saga
    1. Epiphany - RabbitHoleLost
    2. Sacrifice - Happyturtle
    3. A Favor Returned - Reinholdt
    4. Offer - Happyturtle
    5. Vitreous - RabbitHoleLost
    6. A New Assignment - TwoBitWriter
    7. Chains - Happyturtle
    8. Watching - ghost warlock
    9. Heart's Shadow - mangosta71
    10. Long Distance Call - Destro_Yersul
    11. Echoes Hanging - Helgraf
    12. Promises - Reinholdt
    13. Sins of the Past - Mordokai
    14. Into the Dark - Happyturtle
    15. War Council - Reinholdt
    16. Falling Into Shackles - Lyinginbedmon
    17. Within the Tower - deathslayer7
    18. We Humble Players We - Coidzor
    19. Messages - mangosta71
    20. Banter - Reinholdt
    21. Mercy - Happyturtle
    22. Along the Crimson Hinges - Helgraf
    23. In the Vestibule - Coidzor
    24. Resonance - ghost warlock
    25. The Trap - Reinholdt
    26. An Unexpected Encounter - TwoBitWriter
    27. Prisoners - Celtois
    28. Scrying Pool - Celtois
    29. Bleeding Out... - Helgraf
    30. Off the Wall - Destro Yersul
    31. Parting Ways - deathslayer7
    32. Sowing Seeds of Chaos - mangosta71
    33. Ascension - Destro Yersul
    34. Searching for Trouble - deathslayer7
    35. Campfire in the night, burning in the evening light. - Coidzor
    36. These Eyes or A Different Angle - Celtois
    37. The ____ That Men Do - Lyinginbedmon
    38. True Monsters are Born - Draken
    39. Storyteller - happyturtle
    40. Stealth Always Works Unless you get Caught - deathslayer7
    41. The Middle Wheel - deathslayer7
    42. Mommy? Is that you Hiding in the Shadows? - deathslayer7
    43. An Eventful Night - Wolfbane
    44. Friends? - deathslayer7
    45. Helping a Stranger - Fredthefighter
    46. The Dam Breaks - Destro_Yersul
    47. Wounds - happyturtle
    48. Wyrding - Helgraf
    49. Of Bugs and Kings - Draken
    50. Let's be Bad Guys - Ganurath
    51. Assassin's Creed - mangosta71
    52. To Be Alone - deathslayer7
    53. Divided We Stand, United They Fall - Draken
    54. Prepared - deathslayer7
    55. Shadowcraft - mangosta71
    56. King of Terror - Draken
    57. To Die For - RabbitHoleLost
    58. Circles - Helgraf
    59. Mistress of Suffering - Draken
    60. We All Live... - Reinholdt
    61. Duel - Mordokai
    62. Hell's Highway - Destro_Yersul
    63. What is Right is not Always the Easiest Thing to Do - deathslayer7
    64. A Failure - TwoBitWriter
    65. Regrouping - Reinholdt
    66. Confrontation - mangosta71
    67. Marionettes - Helgraf
    68. Descent into Madness - Destro_Yersul
    69. Interlude: Magtok's March - Draken
    70. Reflections - Reinholdt
    71. Mag's Moment - Draken & Reinholdt
    72. Endgame - Helgraf & Reinholdt
    73. Epilogue - Destro_Yersul & Helgraf & Reinholdt

    Redemption Aside - Experimental ships by Helgraf

    Cast of Characters
    Mordokai-Fallen, off to war with Saint Nil.
    Happy-Former servant of the DarkGods who was redeemed by Nil and Mordokai in happier days. Nearly lost her life and her own soul trying to redeem Mordokai.
    Rabbit-Protecting Flora in Citadel. Loves Mordokai.
    Flora-Hiding in Citadel. Horribly abused. Still loves Mordokai?
    Reinholdt-Sworn to redeem Mordokai. Claims to understand Mordokai's position.
    Jon-Tried to free Happy. Works for Rabbit. Brother of Mangosta.
    Pickman-Nomadic, but tends to hang out in graveyards. Impartial regarding Mordokai's fall/redemption but would sacrifice himself to ensure Flora's safety.
    Mangosta-Following Mordokai to war. Assassin in Mordokai's employ.
    Destro-Lich caught in between Mordokai and St. Nil. Secretly helping Rabbit.
    Helgraf-A mad spirit seer of sorts. He seems to want to help Mordokai be redeemed, but can he be trusted?
    Saint Nil-Famous paladin and Mordokai's former ally and friend. Leader of forces opposing Mordokai in his war. Wants Mordokai redeemed, but will not risk innocents to do so.
    Korith-A spy and assassin under the employ of Lord Magtok. Traveling in Saint Nil's army looking for a chance to eliminate Nil.
    Lord Magtok-A longtime enemy of Saint Nil's who desires rulership of the country. Plans to take advantage of Nil's absence and the war between Nil and Mordokai to further his own goals.
    Liriel-Pretty much just wants to survive. Under Destro's employ. Destro seems to have control over whether she keeps her heart in her chest quite literally, so it's doesn't appear to be voluntary employment.
    Fred(the Fighter)-A soldier in the employ of Saint Nil. Good friends with Coidzor.
    Coidzor-A soldier in the employ of Saint Nil. Good friends with Fred.
    Cristo-Dark Cleric in employ of Mordokai. Fallen from a pure group who once opposed Mordokai.
    Vael-A miracle worker who assisted in Rabbit's redemption.
    Alexis-A paladin of the goddess of hope. Wants Mordokai redeemed.
    Igon Minoblendy (aka Lyinginbedmon)-Powerful mage and ruler captured and held by Mordokai and Isaz.
    Isaz-Devil. Secret consort of Mordokai. Trying to keep him on the fallen path.
    Aspect of Draken Frosthand-A shard of an Evil of ancient times, known mainly for Nihilistic designs.
    Raistlin-A wandering bard who claims neutrality and believes in no gods. Wants the war to be over.
    Ganurath-Evil necromancer who wants Rabbit back on the dark side. Attempting to redeem Mordokai to accomplish this.
    Yggdarsil-A physical manifestation of the uncorrupted world's will. It has very limited power on a small scale, but when it comes to large areas...
    Nameless Bugman-One of the military advisors Draken left with Magtok.
    Lady Mal-Summoned envoy of daemons and devils.
    King Terror-A monstrous bug leader sent to attack Nil's army from the rear.

    Redemption has come to an end. Read it!

    Heavily precipitated by the DarkMoonRising Saga by Cristo Meyers.
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