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    Update 7

    Saving Souls

    Alarmed by Alek's soul eating, Tessa agreed to help Nomlas heal Alek. She traced his soul to another dimension where Thorul Ltd was conducting experiments on the peasant population. Unfortunately for Tessa, magic is almost useless here, even with her mana bracelets. Accompanied by Dipsnig, who accidentally got brought along, Tessa and Nomlas entered Thorul in the guise of test subjects and, for their trouble, both got bits of Alek's soul injected into them. Tessa made a deal with the soul fragment: If he helped them escape, she would heal him and give him 8 grams of mana. She also took an oath to do nothing magically to him against his will.

    The deal made, Alek killed the guards holding Tessa, and she made her way to the vat containing the rest of Alek's soul to inject the rest of it into her. Tessa, Nomlas, and Dipsnig fought their way free, and back to the basement of the Taverna, where Tessa returned Alek's soul to him, and then collapsed.

    When Alek demanded his payment, Tessa disappeared. She spent several years studying the timelines to ensure that she could offset any mayhem Alek would cause with the mana. After satisfying herself that she could, she returned to the moment in time where her younger self had disappeared and gave Alek the promised mana.

    Now Alek is a dangerously psychotic, sadistic magic-using psionic. Though he no longer needs to eat souls to survive, he still retains the ability to do so.
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