((Don't kill me, Nil, but this just came into my head and insisted on being written. Ship Wars is in progress, I promise!))

The Song Remembers When
Lex-kat / Moon Called / RHL

"Um, miss?" the waitress said, holding out the change.

Lex reddened. "Sorry, I was miles away," she mumbled, pocketed the coins, and headed for the door. But she didn't step out until the jukebox finished the song and moved on to the next one.

Had it really been ten years since she'd seen Rabbit?

She stepped out into the swirling winter. Moon Called was waiting, having gone out to warm up the car. Lex slid into the passenger seat.

"That took a while," Moon Called said, as she pulled out onto the highway.

"There was this song..." Lex started, and then realized that the song wasn't the important part. "See, back when I was in college, there was this girl. It was intense. I mean, a week after we'd met, I was convinced she was The One. And she felt the same way. It was like a grassfire. I don't think it lasted a month, but during that time, we were everything to each other. And when it ended, I was sure I'd never love again."

Moon Called smiled. "I'm glad you were wrong about that."

Lex reached over and squeezed Moon Called's thigh. "I hope wherever Rabbit is now, she's as happy as I am."