That's a good idea. Confusion does seem to be rampant. Courtyard refers to the portion of the Garrison that is above ground, within the walls, and not in or on the Tower. Wanda is not in the Garrison zone at all in page 122. She's in the Outer Walls zone.

We've been attempting to avoid confusion by keeping it simple and avoiding unnecessary detail (like, for example, the fact that the Outer Walls zone also has parts to it, or that Parson's klog was referring specifically to attacks on the Garrison and that there are other sets of rules regarding movement by friendlies within the city).

Maybe erring on the side of simplicity creates its own confusion. Maybe we're running up against the limits of the graphic novel in terms of complexity of world creation and conveying expository information within an action story. I don't know, we're doing the best we can. There are good reasons for everything that has happened in the last few pages, whether it appears that way at this point in the story or not.