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    Quote Originally Posted by KillianHawkeye View Post
    I have never heard of this before. Source?
    Its found in one of them Dragon Magazines I believe. The important details are listed in Crystal Keep's template list.

    Quote Originally Posted by PinkysBrain View Post
    CR is only a rule of thumb, being a munchkin DM doesn't make much sense ... if you want to kill PCs with an encounter which by rule of thumb has low EL there are more straightforward ways.
    Quote Originally Posted by bosssmiley View Post
    There are easier, more elegant ways of achieving the desired result. For example, take Troll stats, add the Construct or Living Construct type, change trollish regeneration to 'fast repair' or something. Use. Don't tell the players these are reskinned trolls. Chortle evilly as they scrabble for workable tactics against these unstoppable killing machines.
    This was really more of a thought experiment on how Villains might build an unstoppable army (on the cheap) to take over the world, rather than anything meant to be thrown at players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fax Celestis View Post
    You know, Divine Rank 1 is exactly what you need.

    Immune: polymorph; petrification; any attack that alters its form; energy drain; ability drain; ability damage; mind-affecting effects; electricity; cold; acid; disease; poison; stunning; sleep; paralysis; death effects; disintegration.
    At which point the Golden Army becomes a literal army of Gods.

    But anyway, short of Pun Pun-esque cheese, how might our Mind Flayer cabal award Divine Rank 1 to an army of Golden Gheden Voidmind Trolls?

    Quote Originally Posted by Burley Warlock View Post
    WotC has a downloadable PDF with Half-Construct/Golem templates. You could throw that it, if it has what you want?
    Not bad, just tacking on 1 Stained Glass limb in particular is somewhat cheap at 2000 gp + 40 xp. Our Mind Flayer cabal tacks on resistance boosting gear and spells before performing the operation, to help ensure the Golden Gheden Voidmind Trolls make their will save (if they lose their con score, their regeneration becomes useless). There will still be a 5% attrition rate at this stage due to those which fail their saves on a natural 1.

    That said there are ways of bypassing the magic immunity. Plenty of opposing monsters have Death/Polymorph/Petrification as Su abilities (because as you try and take over the world you are likely to encounter these). Some classes like Dweomerkeeper can cast Wail of Banshee as an Su ability, dropping your clustered troops all at once. I would hope for true death/polymorph immunity outright.

    Edit: Actually, using Half Emerald Dragon Crystalline Trolls would protect them against hotter-than-normal-fire damage, like hellfire and divine fire.
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