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    Consider how many ways there are to remove the SR from a holy word spell (or any spell for that matter). As far as I know, it's pretty much Dweomerkeeper and only Dweomerkeeper. The whole point of using the crystilline troll seems to be that it's regeneration very specifically states that it only takes normal damage from sonic, which means that hellfire is still useless, and vile quite probably is too (the troll entry is more specific than the vile entry, thus it wins). Graymantle allows SR, so they're immune to it. Earthquake will indeed kill up to 1/4 of all creatures in the area, provided they weren't flying, as these large half-dragons are.

    Two problems: One, there's no written way to succesfully breed an undead, so while everything else works as written, you're out of luck there. I'm not sure what benefit they're getting from that one though, care to explain it's use?

    Two, the exceptions presented in the templates probably apply after those in the main entry, so for example the Gheden Crystalline Troll's vulnerability to holy water is more specific than a normal Crystalline Troll, so it would take damage from the holy water. So they do have at least one glaring vulnerability in holy water.

    Edit for the ninja: yes. The Ikea Tarrasque is a term used for creating a monster that is extremely hard to kill by combining a base monster and multiple templates and/or other reasonably permanent effects. As the OP said, the usual starts with a Troll that is immune to acid and fire damage, thus giving it regeneration effective against all damage. It's usually a thought experiment, as if one were used in actual play, it would be very hard to justify and would be nearly impossible to kill without telling the players exactly what it was made out of so they could compare immunities and find a weakness. The mind flayers in this scenario give some justification, and the base of special troll+creature that is immune to it's only weakness is pretty easy to come up with, as is the grafting of golem parts when you consider the illithid grafts that already exist, but to actually use them in play would be wrong unless the DM had already told the players he was going to min-max creatures within the CR system (which is absurdly easy, and isn't even needed since the DM can just say "you fight the tarrasque, and gain no xp if you kill it).

    Edit for the OP ninja below: SR beats the words and graymantle anyway. Vile damage is in the Book of Vile Deeds, though I think it shows up in a couple later books without much explanation. It's damage you can't heal without jumping through a bunch of hoops because it's eeeevil. Hmm, looking it up, I see no reason why a C. Troll wouldn't regenerate it by the rules as written. The intent is probably that vile damage wouldn't regenerate, but since regeneration converts all damage except that of a certain type into nonlethal, vile would still be converted.
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