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    Default Re: A Zombiemageddon Campaign Journal - Please read and comment!

    Quote Originally Posted by wadledo View Post
    Cool, we get a player to mess with.
    I think that the fire escape is your fault, Meph.
    You said how the store below was a jewelry store, and I don't think a jewelry store(or any where else for that matter), would give a random person off the street access to their roof.
    In fact, stairs just seem excessive for anywhere.
    If these are normal, we don't have to care about everyone and fear lawsuits people, there would more likely just be a ladder down the side of the building with a cage around the bottom.
    Yep. You're right. It was my fault entirely. I had an image in my mind and didn't do a good enough job translating that image into description. Both during the session and here, apparently. I'm chalking it up to inexperience (this is my first real campaign, after all) insofar as I'm just not accustomed to DM'ing yet and haven't yet gotten completely comfortable with off-the-cuff descriptions. Plus, I had to go into this session completely unprepared (the initiative for the campaign has shifted to the players now that they have a safe haven). Hopefully next session will be better. Everyone seemed to enjoy the session despite the difficulty (or at least so they said).

    Like pjwaring mentioned, I am basing the architecture in Dekhi on the style of architecture I saw in India. These buildings are essentially pre-fab, almost identical buildings that have long, narrow stores on the ground floor and long, narrow apartments above. In this case, to save space on the inside, these imaginary buildings have their stairs outside (the actual buildings they're based on may or may not). Because I had such a strong image of the buildings in my mind, I didn't do as good a job as I should have in describing them. I'm going to try to make sure that this sort of miscommunication never happens again.

    However, to justify the nature of the architecture, know that each building contains multiple stores and multiple apartments, meaning that the stores at the base level don't necessarily own the building and didn't necessarily have a hand in design and construction. The buildings need stairs on the outside because there's no room for stares on the inside. Sure, ladders are a possibility, but they can severely limit access for certain groups (elderly, young children, people with injuries/disabilities, etc).

    Pjwaring, go ahead and read. I don't think there are any major spoilers you haven't already figured out and I trust your ability to not metagame.

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