I have to say this has been an interesting read. Good that you killed the PC. Can't hold punches in these kind of games.

Remember though, there has to be a sliver of hope here.

"Should it be easy? Heck, no. Make 'em work for it.

... and renewal.

This last part is the unexpected one.

Yes, the world is hurt. Bad. But is it terminal? Are we ready to turn out the lights, close the door, and leave it to the rats and roaches? No.

I repeat: you can't have hell without hope.

In this case, the hope is that the characters can salvage something from the ruins - not just to sustain themselves, but to start rebuilding. The war was last year, not a decade or a generation ago. They aren't sitting around the campfires telling their children of metal boxes that once moved on wheels and glass spheres that lit the night without burning. They remember the glory and the power of civilization in all its finery, and while there may be a few barbarians who like things as they are, most of the survivors are going to want to recapture as much of what they've lost as they can.

I say, let them try. Give them the tools and stand back and see what they can do. Do not assume that the only option is simple subsistence followed by surrender to the night."


From the makers of Twilight: 2013.