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    Default Re: A Zombiemageddon Campaign Journal - Please read and comment!

    Indeed, the implications of animal zombification are dire - it seriously may not be possible to renew the world. Human zombies aren't such a huge problem; animals tend to avoid people anyway - But a zombie dog is going to kill and zombify rabbits, which will zombify other things that live in burrows, and animals aren't smart enough to pull off the kind of fortification that gets you through a zompocalypse. There'd be eventual massive extinctions, unless your zombies can't survive being turned to mush by freezing solid in winter(And as far as the genre is concerned, it seems they can survive that just fine). And apart from that, a zombie animal is inherently more dangerous than a human, using your template - lacking hands, an animal must grapple with its mouth. If I was you, I would have Kata be found dead the next day at the base of the stairs - She wasn't zombified, she just survived the fall until the disease killed her; avoiding the issue.

    The zombie apocalypse genre is actually about the people, not the zombies. The tiers of threat in a zompocalypse are zombies<Lots of zombies<party members<scads of zombies<other parties of survivors. So I would recommend against upgrading your zombies. Right now, they've got to face a few zombies on supply runs, scout out a better hidey-hole, and then move their 18ish survivors there. They'll have to start going farther afield for supplies as they loot the nearer targets, multiplying the chance of being caught by the zombie horde - and they still can't afford to waste ammo or get bitten. Eventually, preserved foods will start to run low, and the party will realize that they've got to farm - and the new challenge is to take and fortify several acres of open field. Once they're comfortable with that - cue the other group of survivors who want what you've got.
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