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Elan is a French word, and capital letters don't normally take an accent in French, even if they would when written lower case.

Anyway, I'm going to keep pronouncing Elan's name my way in my head, and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!! Mwahahahaha! ;)
Oh, absolutely... you can pronounce it as "John" for all I really care. We were just talking about pronouniations of their names in general and I was assuming an English translation.

And I agree with you, that the name wouldn't have the accent-au-gauche (er, wait... droit? I forget... been to long) due to the fact that it is a capitalized name.

However, in the English language, we often add that mark to recognize it as a non-English name. Since it didn't have that mark, I assumed the only thing that I could with regards to which language names came from.

Just to be clear, I also understand that Miko is pronounced "Mee-ko" and not "My-ko" for two reasons. One, that I understand Japanese pronounciation (as I do French) as well as the fact that Roy brought up the question about JApanese name (to which she answered, "What is Japan"). However that put in my mind that it is intended to be pronounced as a Japanese name, not as an English name.