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I believe in the English language, ee-lin is the correct pronounciation of the letters in a strict sense. *Obviously, when it comes to names, people have different pronounciations for the same letters and rarely stick to the supposed "correct" pronounciation.
No, that would be 'ee-lahn'. In the strictest sense. Seeing as it's an A and not an I.

Of course, there are no hard rules for pronounciations in normal English--you have to use phonetic symbols for that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with 'ee-lin'.

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I believe In order for Elan's name to start with "el-" the spelling would have to be ellan and in order for it the be "Ú-" it would have to be spelled that way (i.e. Úlan) or with an "ei-".
English words rarely have accents. In fact, I can't think of any.