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    Chosen of Secrets

    Secrets shape the world. In the end, the oldest and truest power is knowledge–and who knows what secrets can twist and knot the strands of fate. The Chosen of Secrets are entrusted with the most occult and perilous lore of all, and are the only judges of who might bear this terrible knowledge. Called Oracles or Heaven’s Eyes by those who they impart their secret lore to, what they know may decide everything.

    Note: Many of this epic destiny’s features apply only to spells. If a character capable of using psionic powers, artificer infusions, or similar abilities takes this destiny, they should modify such features to apply to whatever form of supernatural ability they use.

    Requirements: 21st level

    21st|Fateful Excellency, Of the Shape of the World
    24th|Unweaving Method
    27th|Sidereal Shell Games
    30th|Embracing Life

    Fateful Excellency (Su)
    Fate itself conspires to aid your every undertaking. Once per encounter when you would roll a d20, you may choose to instead not roll, and treat the result as a 20. It is not considered a natural 20. In addition, whenever you roll a 1 on an attack roll, saving throw, ability check, or skill check, you may reroll it, keeping the result of the reroll even if it is a 1.

    Of the Shape of the World (Su)
    The future holds no secrets from an Oracle. At 21st level, you gain prophetic dreams. Whenever you sleep for eight hours, you may use your choice of commune, divination, or vision as a supernatural ability, with caster level equal to your character level. If you choose to commune, then your answers come directly from the Maiden of Secrets.

    Unweaving Method (Su)
    At 24th level, you can warp destiny by unraveling the strand of your own life, buying power at great price. Whenever you cast a spell, you may apply any number of metamagic feats you know to it without increasing its level or casting time. However, doing so causes you to take damage equal to 5 times the amount the metamagic feats would have increased the spell’s level. Nothing can prevent this damage. Metamagic feats that would increase a spell's level by more than +4 cannot be used with the unweaving method destiny feature.

    Sidereal Shell Games (Su)
    At 27th level, you can hide strands of your fate in cunning knots or loops, preparing a defense against inauspicious destinies. You may use contingency at will as a supernatural ability, with no need for a focus. The maximum number of contingencies you may prepare is equal to one-fifth your character level, rounded down. These contingencies cannot be dispelled or detected by any magical means short of epic spells or artifacts.

    Embracing Life (Su)
    At 30th level, you can appeal directly to the Maiden of Secrets for arcane lore. To do so, you must perform an eight hour long ritual in which you dig up a patch of earth, plant a seed of any plant, and water it with your blood, dealing up to 10 damage to you, depending on how much blood you choose to shed. Nothing can prevent this damage. After 24 hours, a tree sprouts from the site of your ritual, bearing a single fruit. At its roots lie five scrolls, scribed on barks. Each scroll contains a randomly-rolled spell from your class spell list. More importantly, however, is the fruit. Eating it grants you knowledge of a single spell from any list, as long as you are capable of casting spells of its level. You add that spell to your spells known if you cast spells spontaneously, and may immediately scribe it into your spellbook for free if you prepare them. It is forevermore treated as being on your class spell list. You choose which spell is granted to you. The maximum number of spells you may learn through this ability is equal to the base modifier of your primary spellcasting stat (the one that determines the highest level of spell you can cast). Once you have reached that limit, you must replace a spell you have already learned with this ability in order to learn a new one.

    Immortality: Of Things Desired And Feared
    No one knows what happens to the Chosen of Secrets when their destiny is complete. Any attempt at finding the answer to this mystery–epic divinations, divine intervention, even asking the Maiden of Secrets herself–reveals only a cryptic clue: the Chosen go on to receive “things desired and feared.” Some whisper that alone among all in the multiverse, the Oracles can choose their final fate–but at great, almost unthinkable cost. Others believe their immortality is a secret unknown to even the Maiden herself, a passage beyond the world of the known. Whatever the answer is, only the Chosen of Secrets may ever know for sure.
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