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    Earth Aspect Exalted

    Those Dragonblooded who become one with the essence of earth gain inhuman strength and endurance. Their living flesh becomes as stone, unyielding to any attack. An Earth Dragonblooded can fling boulders, wield the weapons of giants, and shatter adamant with their bare hands.

    Requirements: 21st level

    21st|Aura of Ivory Pillars, Strength of Stone
    24th|Earth Reclaims Her Bounty
    27th|Perfected Scales of the Dragon
    30th|Mountain-Toppling Might

    Aura of Ivory Pillars (Su)
    Your elemental anima manifests about you in the rumbling of the earth at your feet, as stone leaps up from the ground to meet its master. You gain the powerful build ability, and are treated as being one size category larger whenever it is advantageous to you (for example, when gaining a size modifier or determining whether special attacks such as swallow whole can effect you). You can wield weapons made for creatures one size larger than you are. In addition, you gain immunity to sonic.

    Strength of Stone (Ex)
    You draw strength from the earth beneath your feet. As long as you stand upon the ground, you gain a +8 bonus to Strength and Constitution. You automatically succeed on any opposed Strength check, except against creatures whose Strength exceeds yours by 10 or more and against deities. In addition, any melee attack you make overcomes hardness and any form of damage reduction that can be overcome by special materials.

    Earth Reclaims Her Bounty (Ex)
    The earth itself yields to your commands, serving you as a loyal weapon. Whenever you make a melee attack, you may choose to strike at the earth, instead of any foe. Doing so allows you to make that attack against any foe you can see regardless of the distance between you, as long as both they and you are standing on solid ground.

    Perfected Scales of the Dragon (Ex)
    As your elemental apotheosis nears its conclusion, you internalize the essence of earth, becoming a being of living stone flesh. You gain damage reduction 10/–. In addition, you no longer need to sleep, breathe, eat, or drink, although you may still do so, and must still rest for 8 hours to regain spells. You gain immunity to ability score damage, critical hits, disease, poison, stunning, and any effect that targets your physiology or respiration.

    Mountain-Toppling Might (Ex)
    Becoming one with the earth, you become truly mighty. The ability score bonuses from your strength of stone destiny feature rise to +20, and any attack you make overcomes all forms of damage reduction, save for epic damage reduction and that which cannot be overcome by any form of damage. Your mountain-like stature, stone flesh, and superhuman strength cause you to always be treated as Colossal sized when it is advantages for you (for example, when gaining a size modifier or determining whether special attacks such as swallow whole can effect you), and you can wield weapons sized for Colossal creatures (typically, Earth Aspect Exalts with this ability do not wield weapons that are Colossal in size, but in mass–a superheavy weapon that would be treated just as a Colossal-sized weapon, but without being awkwardly huge).

    Immortality: Slumbering Mountain Dragon
    Your flesh becomes one with the mountains, as you descend into the heart of the earth to slumber. Your happy dreams bless fields with fertility, and your nightmares rend the earth asunder with horrible earthquakes. People throughout the world revere you as either a noble earth-god or a horrific demon, trapped beneath the earth, and in time, you awake to divinity.
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